15 Bona Fide Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Offers

A preparing a professional looking CV that matches the requirements of the role will get you the interview and if the panel cannot decide, a CV may help the panel decide to make an offer after the interview. However, the key in receiving an offer is not your CV but how you preform in the interview. This guide will cover the most likely reasons as to why an offer was not made.

Your skills do not meet the role

The reason why companies do not hire from CVs, resumes, is because an applicant can look good on paper but when they begin asking questions, it is clear their skills do not meet the role.

For example, a service manager in IT is quite different than a service manager for a grocery chain. The titles may appear similar and have similar soft-skill sets. However, the skills required to perform each role are quite different and it is not until you begin asking questions, the differences become apparent.   

You do not understand the role

When inviting a job applicant to an interview the hiring manager sees something on your application that indicates you have the skills for the role. However, in the interview your follow-up questions and responses indicate to them you do not understand the role.

You did not sell yourself

Job interviews are about selling yourself and your skills. Like any sales pitch you need to understand your audience and what motivates them.

Personality does not match the job

Some jobs require certain personality characteristics due to the role requirements or the team you will join. For example, nursing requires the ability to work closely with patients but at the same time keep an emotional distance. If you are someone who easily develops emotional attachments then certain areas in nursing may be difficult for you such as, critical care, emergency medicine, and oncology. The way you answered the questions, may have indicated to the panel, you form emotional attachments and if the hiring manager is looking for someone who can keep an emotional distance then you may find an offer not forthcoming. Likewise, if you are outgoing, then roles in IT, Finance, or accounting, may be tough interviews for you. These roles require period of intense concentration and working without interruption.

You arrived late or poorly dressed

This is quite self-explanatory.

You did not show passion

Showing passion for the job is a relatively new trend. No longer are employers just looking at skill sets and personality. Employers are now looking for employees who demonstrate a passion for the role and company.

Unrealistic salary expectations, or unrealistic job expectations

General rule don’t ask about salary, benefits, or modification to the job (e.g. flexible working) until after the offer is made or the hiring manager brings it up. If the hiring manager begins discussion about pay make sure you know what the market is paying for a similar role.

Your questions were poor

Asking questions in the interview must come from listening to the interviewers and understanding the job description. You need to be attentive and listen to what is being said. You can prepare a list of questions to ask but be ready to change or modify your questions if they cover it in the interview. From my experience, I have seen candidates lose the offer because of their questions were either already covered during the interview or covered in the job description.

You were not prepared for the interview

Not preparing for an interview comes from many sources like:

  • Believing you know the job
  • Believing you will get the job because you know the people interviewing
  • Believing preparation is not necessary
  • Feeling that you are too busy to prepare
  • Not knowing how to prepare

By not preparing the hiring manager will see it as a lack of interest and lack of passion for the role.

You expected to fail

A lot of times this will come across as lacking self-confidence and will be seen your demeanour. Most likely you were selling yourself short in your answers by using the word “we” instead of “I” did this.

The job was pulled

Sometimes, the company decides not to go forward with the role. There are many reasons why a company decides not to go forward. Examples include when the company is looking to restructure, end of the year, company is cutting expenses, company is cutting jobs, company decide to reconfigure the job due to changes in the company, or economic downturn.

Candidates did not fit the role requirements

This is like the above reason. Sometimes the pool of candidates that were interviewed did not meet the requirements and the company is re-opening the job.

If you are an external candidate, applying from outside of the company, they chose an internal candidate.

Companies tend to ebb and flow with their hiring decisions. I have seen companies give preference to internal candidates in order to help promote within and then other times, I have seen companies decide to give preference to external candidates in order to diversify or because the company is expanding.

You are not listening to the questions

I believe this happens for one of two reasons. One reason is you are nervous, and you are letting your nerves get the best of you. Second is lack of preparation and not understanding the role.

Someone better suited for the role

You can be impeccably qualified for the role and sometimes, if it were offered at a different time then you probably would have received the offer; however, this time it went to someone else.

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15 Bona Fide Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Offers
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15 Bona Fide Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Offers
You were interviewed but the interview went to someone else, why? There are a lot of possible reasons and this article presents 15 bona fide reasons why you did not get the offer.
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18 thoughts on “15 Bona Fide Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Offers

  1. As much as I disagree with that dress code I admit it can give an edge no matter how little it is. Frankly there can be a thousand reasons why you are not getting hired. To me though the number factor is not getting yourself out there enough. Of course attitude counts too.

  2. This blog is very helpful for me as I am a college student. I will bookmark and save this post for my future. Thanks for sharing this content !

  3. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your reply. I can understand your disagreement with dressing up for an interview. Especially, with social dress standards easing over the last few years. The reason for it, is to present a professional image for yourself that will help dispell any initial perceptions about you and dressing ‘smart,’ can give you a boost of confidence.

  4. Oh my word, as I was going through your article, it reminded me of one time I went for an interview and was so over confident and i made one blunder that made me not to get the job. I do appreciate these tips and would make use of it in the future when called up for an interview. Thanks a lot.

  5. Your points are apt. these are valid reasons people don’t get jobs. It can really be deameaning trying to sell one self short. you need to be confidence and know your self worth at all times.

  6. Hi Glad,

    I am pleased to read that the article helpd you. Anything else Exclusive Career Advice can do for you then please let us know

  7. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your reply. Confidence can go a long way in an interview and it can help you ‘stand above the rest,’ in the interview. Anything Exclusive Career Advice can help with, then please let us know.

  8. I agree with this point ‘Your skills do not match the role’. Oftentimes, we embellish our CVs to make them look appealing. Then, we start saying gibberish when questions are thrown at us at the interview

  9. This are possibly every reason why one is not getting a job, it’s well detailed and it’s exactly what I need in the nearest future. But a little one here is about the dress code, I feel sometimes it doesn’t really matters depending on the kind of job. And sometimes how good you’re will determine that aspect. Some of us are just too good with what we do to be pushed around

  10. Nice article. Sometimes we tend to wanna look perfect on the CV but forget that at the end our attitude and knowledge during interview that counts. And since this pandemic bring us to online interview, I thing the internet connection count also.

  11. Nice article, really learnt a lot from this. Just realized the reason why most people don’t get qualified for a job.

  12. Most reason is not meeting up to the requirements of the job placement. Most people just keep applying because they are tired staying at home and not taking note of important aspects of the job offer.

  13. I agree with the writeup because if one’s personality doesn’t match the roles or the applicants doesn’t sell him or herself well it will definitely affect such person from been chosen for the job

  14. This write-up is really helpful.It reminds me of the last interview I went for, majority looked promising on the outside but when they started throwing questions! I wonder why they came for the interview on the first place.

  15. As someone who is currently looking for a job, these tips are very helpful. I’ll read these tips again before going to an interview. Thank you for sharing this article!

  16. Many do not know how to structure a good C.V according to the position applying for. The only reason you can be invited for an interview is because your c.v is well structure.

  17. Not been prepared for the role is one major reason. We tend to just apply with same set of CV for all role. We should be more careful

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