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I am an American who, 20 years ago, came to the United Kingdom. After arriving in the UK, I did not have the right qualifications to continue in my previous career, supply teaching and I was forced to make an immediate career change. Since arriving in the UK I have primarily worked in change management and service support IT roles before moving into a healthcare senior manager role.

Not growing up in the UK meant learning how to assimulate, learning a new work culture, and learn about the different expectations. During my 20 years I have been pigeon-holed into jobs, I have faced redundnacy, I have worked as a worker for an agency, I have done my share of interviewing people and advised on recruitment policy.

From my recruitment experiences I have developed this site to give American expats, graduates, high school students, disabled, and those mid-careers support the support they help to help them navigate the complex job searching minefield.

My reason for creating this site, I have seen too often, job applicants who either do not prepare for the interview or wrongly prepare for the interview. Thereby, not being able to transform their application or interview into a job offer.

By not properly preparing, it means making your job search longer than necessary and means facing more rejection than required.

To help you prepare, this site contains timely articles on various subjects to help you in your search.

My other reason for creating this site, I know many American expat struggle with assumilating to the UK work culture and our experience, I am sure it is similar to other immigrants who struggle with adapting to the UK’s work culture.

You may think some of this content looks similar and you are right. I attempted to transfer my previous site UK Career Advice to a different web host. However, a lot of the information was lost and I am restarting with this site.

In addition to the information on this site, I can provide more personalised support on a one-to-one basis for a nominal fee. Support I can provide on a one-to-basis includes, though not limited:
• Resume review
• Resume advice
• Cover letter review
• Job searching strategy
• Job interviewing advice
• Mock job interview
• Negotiating pay
• How to discuss disability
• Career Advice
• Career Coaching
• Job search coaching

Check out what Exclusive Career Advice can offer to you.
Any questions or if you need further information please use the below form or use one the various routes to contact us.

Finally, recently I have received a lot of contact from people outside of the UK seeking a job in the UK and immigraion advice. Please be aware, if you are outside of the United Kingdom please note Exclusive Career Advice does not provide immigration advice, does not provide Tier 2 sponsorship, and does not hire. Exclusive Career Advice, provides career advice, including interview preparation and CV review to assist you on your job search within the UK. If you are looking for sponsorship or looking from outside of the UK regarding what businesses are hiring then you will need to look elsewhere.

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