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How to Write a Professional CV and Cover Letter for Free

Do you know, Word and Publisher include free CV and Cover Letter Templates? Plus, you can download hundreds more from…

How to Disclose Disability on an Application and Interview

A job provides each of us with a sense of identity and worth. Having a disability, means there is a further challenge for an applicant to get their CV and aplication noticed.

This guide provides sound and tested advice on how to address the issue of disability on an application.

15 Reasons Why Your CV Is Being Ignored

Looking for a new job while employed is a time consuming process, which is a job in itself. It is easy to create generic CVs to send when searching. However, after a few months of trying to apply for as many jobs by using time-saving measures, you find you are not receiving any interview invites, why?

This thoughtful, timely, and informative article examines 15 possible reasons why you are not receiving job offers.

Why Do You Hate Your Job?

Why do you hate our job? There are many answers such as lack of development, time for a career change, how we preceive our work environment, and many other reasons. This means, there is nothing fundamentally flawed with your job but how you react to it. You have the power to either change it or leave. In this informative guide you will learn some techniques to help you to decide if it time to stay or go.

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20 time-tested and proven CV writing tips

A CV will only get you an interview. Knowing how to write a CV is crucial. Wihtout a properly written CV means the chances of rejection greatly increases. Discover how to stop the rejection and receive an invite to an interviw.

How to know when it is time to leave your job

Let us be honest it happens. A few years into a job, the work culture begins to change, priorities change,…

7 tips on how to make a career change

Making a career change is not easy but not impossible. Many times it will involve taking a cut in pay but over time you will regain your losses.

This guide provides a structure for making a career change. If you are considering changing careers then this guide is for you.

15 Tips for Amazing Cover Letter

Having a cover letter is not enough. Understanding the audience that will read it is crucial. Without writing your cover letter for the recruiter you will have no chance of getting an interview.

While Exclusive Career Advice cannot get the interview. What we can do is give you sound advice to give you the best chance possible.

Take 5 minutes to read these tips and increase your chance.

You have nothing to lose.

Insider job tips for american expats in England

Moving to the U.K. is one in a life-time opportunity. Soon after moving reality hits. The only thing similar between the U.S. and the U.K. is the language.

How do you survive in the U.K.? This informative guide provides to insider job tips to help you get acclimated finding your first job and keeping it.

7 FAQS Regarding Apprenticeships

COVID is quickly changing the employment landscape. Jobs that were office based are now becoming home based. Likewise, jobs in the customer service, airline, and hospitality sectors are now becoming decimated.

Apprenticeships offer a way to retrain without having to take years off to study. Even though apprenticeships offers an inexpensive way to gain skills an apprenticeship is not suited for everyone.