1. What languages do you speak, read, and are able to support?

Exclusive Career Advice, currently, can only provide support in English.

2. What is Exclusive Career Advice

Exclusive Career Advice is a web based career site located in the United Kingdom that provides experienced advice on CV, covering letter, interviewing, job searching, job advice, and career advice.

3. How long does it take to provide your service?

Exclusive Career Advice normally responds within 24 hours (Sunday – Thursday) and 48 hour (Friday – Saturday). The exact length depends on a number of factors such as the service being requested, the amount of information required, and response time.

For example, if you purchase our Resume Review Service and you have a current resume that needs reviewing then length of time to review can be less than 48 hours. As of 24 October 2020, I am finding the turn-around time on a CV review is the same day. However, if you purchase the Resume Review Service and need help creating a new resume, then expect length to take up to 2 weeks or in some cases even longer.

4. How long are quotes valid?

Unless otherwise agreed at the time of the quote, the quote is good 14 calendar days from the date the quote was issued.

5. Do you offer discounts?

Exclusive Career Advice can negotiate discounts for quotes that include multiple services and negotiate discounts for repeat customers. You will need to ask at the time the quote is being provided. Once the quote is agreed then no further changes can be made. Likewise, if a service is on sale it will be noted on the appropriate service.

6. What is your refund policy?

Exclusive Career Advice support our customers and strives for 100% customer satisfaction. Since Exlcusive Career Advice is in the United Kingdom all purchases are covered by the law of England and Wales and any disupte will be heard in the Courts of England.

Therefore, Exclusive Career Advice offers a 14 day, from the date of payment, no questions asked money back guarantee. If at any time you are not satisifed with the service being provided then we ask that you immediately let us know in order for Exclusive Career Advice to resolve it.

7. Is Exclusive Career Advice able to provide work visa advice or support applying for a work visa?

Exclusive Career Advice is not licensed in the United Kingdom as an Immigration Advisor nor is Exclusive Career Advised licensed to offer Tier 1 or Tier 2 work visas. Therefore, Exclusive Career Advice can only provide employment related advice.

8. If I use Exclusive Career Advice, will I receive a job or receive an invite to a job interview?

The average time to search for a job in the UK is approximately 9 weeks. Furthermore, a typical hiring manager will receive hundreds of application and only choose to interview five (5). Theis means there are many factors that goes into reviewing job applications and offering invites to interviews. In a very competitive job market, the difference between being offered an interview or job may come down other applicants being slightly better qualified.

The best the Exclusive Career Advice can do, is support and advise you during your search and get you interview ready. By working with you and getting you interview ready will mean that you will have an edge over the other applicats. However, Exclusive Career Advice, cannot guarantee that you will be invited to an interview nor can Exclusive Career Advice guarantee that you will receive a job offer if you use our service. Nonetheless, if you contact Exclusive Career Advice early in your search, Exclusive Career Advice can work with you and hopefully, minimise the time you need to search for a job.

9. Will Exclusive Career Advice Write My CV and Cover Letter for Me?

Exclusive Career Advice believes in giving you the best opportunity for the job. This means your CV and Cover Letter must be genuine and written by you.

If you do not write your own CV and Cover Letter then it will be noticed. Resulting in you not getting the job offer. Worse yet, losing your job for gross misconduct by misrepresenting yourself.

So, how does Exclusive Career Advice work? Exclusive Career Advice will review your CV and Cover Letter, report back to you on areas of improvement, and continue to review (up to 3 revisions).

If you select our drafting service then Exclusive Career Advice will collect your career history from you, your skills, education, and training then put together a draft CV and draft Cover Letter for you.

10. What payment methods does Exlcusive Career Advice use?

Exclusive Career Advice uses Stripe. Please read our Terms of Service before making any purchase.

11. What systems do you use for meeting?

Exclusive Career Advice uses Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

12. How do you communicate with me?

Depending on the service being requested, Exclusive Career Advice will primarily use email. However, Exclusive Career Advice will also use the systems listed in quesiton 11.

13. How long do you hold my information?

Under GDPR you do have a right to request your information is removed, please check out our privacy policy. Normally, Exclusive Career Advice will only hold your information as long as necessary.


If you have any further questions not covered by the FAQs or need further clarification then please use the below form.

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