How Organisational Culture, Customs, and Practices Perpetuate Antisemitism in the Workplace

I, Brian Berry, will be hosting a webinar with my colleague Ruth Passman on how to uncover how organisational culture, customs, and practices perpetuate antisemitism in the workplace. I am expecting this webinar to be mid-October but this is still to be confirmed.

This is a very timely and important topic since Community Security Trust (CST) is noticing a rise of a sharp rise in antisemitism in the UK in 2021 during the first six months of 2021. In 2020 during the first six months CST received 875 in the first six months and in 2021 the number is 1308, nearly 150% increase.

For Jewish workers and employers, this rise means Jewish staff are at greater risk of antisemitism in the workplace. Antisemitism in the workplace, can be expressed through bullying, isolating Jewish staff members, and not considering them for advancement that leads them to become less prodcutive and take more sick days.

In order to help Jewish worker in the workplace and to help employers combat antisemitism this webinar will explore the history of antisemitism, intersectionality, using allyship, staff networks and other initiatives to combat antisemitism and to provide support for Jewish employees.

As I get more information, I will update this page.

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Organisational Culutre, Customs and Practices Perpetuate Antisemitism in the Workplace
This will be a webinar features Ruth Passman, and myself Brian Berry. Webinar will cover history of antisemitism along with antisemitism in today's workplace, how allyship, staff networks, and other initiatives can help challenge antisemitism and support Jewish colleagues.
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