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Exclusive Career Advice is now offering a one-to-one interview preparation service for candidates. This service is especially suitable for those with administrative, customer service, hospitality, health-care, project management, IT, and general management backgrounds.


Basic Preparation

Basic preparation is well suited for someone that is confident in an interview needs a bit of review.

A half-hour session via telephone or webcam service covers:

  • What to expect in an interview
  • Common interview ‘pitfalls’
  • How to sell yourself in an interview
  • Interview etiquette
  • What to avoid saying in an interview
  • Proven strategies for answering any question
  • How to ask questions in an interview.

Prices starts from £49.99 for 30 minutes.

Basic Service Add-Ons

An additional half-hour can be purchased for £29.99 that includes mock interview with feedback.

I can research 1 company for you to help you prepare for the interview, cost £60.


Comprehensive serivce is ideal if it has been a while since your last interview, you feel you need more support or you are a recent graduate then Exclusive Career Advice offers a Beginners Basic 90 minute service for £125. This service covers the interviewing process including preparation, answering questions, and interview etiquette along with a mock interview.

Beginners Interviewing

As stated on the Interview Preparation page:

This is 90 minute service provided over the telephone or webcam. If done via phone and number is not a UK number than additional fees will apply.

Service is designed for those who have not interviewed for a few years or recent graudates. During the 90 minutes I will cover what to expect in an interview, interview etiquette, startegies for answering questions, common questions, and time will include a mock interview with feedback.

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Interview Preparation
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Interview Preparation
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Exclusive Career Advice provides an interview and mock interview preparation service. The preparation service starts at £19.99 for a 30 minute consultation with the mock interview preparation service starting at £29.99 for a 30 minute mock interview with feedback.