Job Coaching

Job Coaching

Unlike mentoring, coaching involves focusing on a specific issue. At Exclusive Career Advice job coaching regards focusing on a job related related issue, which can include though not limited to:

  • Moving to Self-employment
  • Applying for jobs
  • job searching (this is a seperate service and charged at the rate stated
  • interviewing (this is a seperate service and charged at the rate stated)
  • Job related issue (being assertive, communicating, asking for a raise)
  • Negotiating pay or how to ask for more money
  • How to let your employer know you have a disability
  • Changing jobs
  • How to suggest business change

Length can run from one to six meetings lasting no more than a hour each. How many meetings you want is up to you and you are not obligated to undertake more.

Cost: £60 per hour via Zoom or Skype (this is due to fees charged by supplier)

Job Coaching

Upto date description may be found here.

£40 per hour if done via email or Facebook on @UKCareerAdvice

Job Coaching via email or Facebook Messenger

Current description can be found here.

Please be aware Exclusive Career Advice is located in the United Kingdom and if you live outside of the United Kingdom you may experience delays in receiving replies because of the time difference.

Exclusive Career Advice, aims to reply wihtin 24 hours and in many cases, replies are sent much faster.

Minimum charge is one (1) hour.

Career Coaching

Line between job coaching and career coaching is not always clear. Career coaching, from an Exclusive Career Advice perspective, regards more complex and issues that may require more time.

Issues that can be topics covered by Career Coaching though not limited to:

  • Applying for jobs and receiving feedback on how improve. Thereby, using Exclusive Career Advice to help you understand the feedbackj,identify the required changes, and motivate you to put in place the required changes.
  • Planning for and applying for a promotion.
  • Career change
  • Motivation, encouragement, and support applying for jobs or general career support through developing a systematic plan. Then, use Exclusive Career Advice to help you implement any feedback and carry-out periodic reviews.
  • How to handle difficult work situation and how to minimise the situation from occurring again.

Cost runs £50 per hour. Unless otherwise agreed in advance there will not be no more than 12 meetings. Minimum charge is for two (2) hours.

Career Coaching

most current description is found here.

Please be aware Exclusive Career Advice is located in the United Kingdom and if you are outiside of the United Kingdom, you may experience delays in replies due to the time difference.

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Job Coaching
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Job Coaching
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Sometimes when searching for a job or when we are working there is an issue that we cannot work out. You don't need to feel alone. Exclusive Career Advice offers a coaching service to help you overcome the issue.