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Warning: You are wasting valuable job searching time by sending a thank-you letter

In today’s job market, employers face increasing litigation and complex policies regarding recruting new hires.

When you meet the interview panel, they will have already decided on the criteria they will use to select the most suitable candidate for the job and they will already have decided on how the selection will occur.

Sending a post-thank you card or letter will not sway their decision and it may work against you.

life long learning

Fool Proof Way for Reforming the U.K. University Application Sytem

The UK university offer system is broken and not fit for purpose. It limits a student’s ability to apply for university places and limits a student’s option.

This opinion piece explores how the USA model works and how it can fix the UK model by making education accessible to everyone.

15 Bona Fide Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Job Offers

You apply for jobs and getting interviews are easy; however, none of them are turning into offers. What can you do better? What support can you obtain to help you perform better.

How to know when it is time to leave your job

Let us be honest it happens. A few years into a job, the work culture begins to change, priorities change,…

7 tips on how to make a career change

Making a career change is not easy but not impossible. Many times it will involve taking a cut in pay but over time you will regain your losses.

This guide provides a structure for making a career change. If you are considering changing careers then this guide is for you.

Insider job tips for american expats in England

Moving to the U.K. is one in a life-time opportunity. Soon after moving reality hits. The only thing similar between the U.S. and the U.K. is the language.

How do you survive in the U.K.? This informative guide provides to insider job tips to help you get acclimated finding your first job and keeping it.

7 FAQS Regarding Apprenticeships

COVID is quickly changing the employment landscape. Jobs that were office based are now becoming home based. Likewise, jobs in the customer service, airline, and hospitality sectors are now becoming decimated.

Apprenticeships offer a way to retrain without having to take years off to study. Even though apprenticeships offers an inexpensive way to gain skills an apprenticeship is not suited for everyone.

Why Self-Employment is right for you

Please note information regarding self-employment is continuously changing and is based on information from the UK. Your country, state, or…