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How to Answer Why Did You Leave Your Last Job by Developing a Narrative

Preparing for an interview is a daunting activity and in many ways it is like having a second job.

How do you prepare yourself to answer any unexpected interview question?

The answer lies in developing a narrative. A narrative is a story that answer questions like, why did you leave your job or how do you handle conflict.

In essence, a narrative provides you with a tool to help you answer any questions and thereby, increase the chance you may receive an offer.

How to Ask Questions During an Interview

Asking questions during an interview is never easy, especially at the end. Many people believe you need to ask questions to show interest but in may regards, that is not not true. Discover what to ask during an interview and how to avoid to common pit-falls associated with asking quesitons.

How to negotiate the best pay possible

At the end of the interview the hiring manager asks you, “what are your salary expectations?” What do you say?…

Guide to Competancy Based Interviews

Competancy job interviews can be frightening. Removing the fear is easy once you understand how to answer the question. This guide from Exclusive Career Advice will give you the confidence to answer any competancy interview question.

7 tips on how to make a career change

Making a career change is not easy but not impossible. Many times it will involve taking a cut in pay but over time you will regain your losses.

This guide provides a structure for making a career change. If you are considering changing careers then this guide is for you.

30 Interview Mistakes to avoid or risk losing your job offer

The decision to offer you the job comes down to your behaviour. If you make one of these 30 mistakes it is likely you will not receive an offer.