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How to Write a Professional CV and Cover Letter for Free

Do you know, Word and Publisher include free CV and Cover Letter Templates? Plus, you can download hundreds more from…

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Fool Proof Way for Reforming the U.K. University Application Sytem

The UK university offer system is broken and not fit for purpose. It limits a student’s ability to apply for university places and limits a student’s option.

This opinion piece explores how the USA model works and how it can fix the UK model by making education accessible to everyone.

Insider job tips for american expats in England

Moving to the U.K. is one in a life-time opportunity. Soon after moving reality hits. The only thing similar between the U.S. and the U.K. is the language.

How do you survive in the U.K.? This informative guide provides to insider job tips to help you get acclimated finding your first job and keeping it.