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How to Disclose Disability on an Application and Interview

A job provides each of us with a sense of identity and worth. Having a disability, means there is a further challenge for an applicant to get their CV and aplication noticed.

This guide provides sound and tested advice on how to address the issue of disability on an application.

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Fool Proof Way for Reforming the U.K. University Application Sytem

The UK university offer system is broken and not fit for purpose. It limits a student’s ability to apply for university places and limits a student’s option.

This opinion piece explores how the USA model works and how it can fix the UK model by making education accessible to everyone.

Are WTO Terms Fatal for UK Jobs?

Within weeks the United Kingdom and the EU will know if there will be a free-trade deal or if they will be trading on WTO terms.

This leaves the question what will happen to jobs, especially with second wave of COVID19 looming.

This insightful and informative articles examines the current economic situation in the UK and broadly considers the impact on jobs in the UK.