Why Do You Hate Your Job?

Imagine, it is Sunday evening the kids are settled in bed and the busy weekend is ending. As you begin to think about Monday, how do you feel? Are you dreading going to work on Monday? If you dread Mondays and hate your job you are not alone.

Your first instinct is to quit? Do you know, in the United Kingdom the average time to find a job is nine weeks? However, there are other factors that influence the estimate, like if you are looking for a job in the same sector and if you already have a job.  So, even if you give your notice on Monday, it will take on average nine weeks to find another job. In this article, I will explore the reasons for dreading Monday and what you can do to make Mondays more enjoyable.

There is many reasons why you do not like Mondays but if you were to come up with three reasons it will be you are not developing in your role, you have a personal conflict, or you need to reframe your attitude regarding Monday.  

Developing in Your Job

Most employees will spend between 2 – 5 years in a role before looking for another one. This means for individuals in roles like IT, accounting, healthcare, and technology five years can be a very long-time without undergoing personal development and professional development. Being happy in ever-changing professional role requires, sufficient development. Without the necessary development many employees leave for jobs that will provide them development opportunities. By not receiving the necessary development it leads you to feel the company does not value your contribution.



Conflict on the job can be very subtle and you may not even be aware of it. It arises when you are not agreement with something and at the time, it may not seem major. You may think the issue is gone. However, it sits there like a dry scratchy throat, that irritates you and rears its head, from time to time.

Identifying conflict takes time and it requires a strategy to address it. Usually a conversation will resolve it but sometimes a conversation will not solve it. If it is something that cannot resolve itself without a few informal conversations, then you need to reflect if you can use a policy to resolve it or if it is time to leave.


It is easy to lose sight of your goals and to allow the negatively in the office, suck you into it. Reframing essentially is a resilience technique that helps you look at things differently (e.g. glass is half-full versus half-empty). Sometimes, being able to see something from a different perspective may mean the difference between deciding to leave and deciding to stay.

Career Change

You will, on average, change careers 5 – 7 times and the average age for changing careers is between 35 years old – 42 years old. One reason for changing careers is frustration with the job and another is dislike for the company. Likewise, change in values lead to a desire to change career.

This means, working for the same company for 40 years + most likely will not happen and it means, you will have at least 5 – 7 different jobs in your career history. Exclusive Career Advice is here to support you when you are ready to make your career change.

Why Do You Hate Your Job?

The answer lies within you. It may mean your values are changing and you are ready for a career change. It could be you need to view your job differently or you are not developing thereby developing feelings of frustration or resentment.

There are ways you can address your hate for your job. One way is to speak with your manager by discussing your career goals and development. Letting them know how you feel. This is one way to help you and help your company understand your needs. Another way is to change the way you look at things and trying to resolve issues as they come up instead of letting them fester. Finally, it may be time to leave by either making a career change or looking at working for yourself. So, this Sunday as you lie in bed dreading work on Monday, remember, the power to make the necessary change lies within you.

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Why You Hate Your Job
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Why You Hate Your Job
It is Sunday evening and the house is finally quiet from the busy weekend. You begin to think about the upcoming week and dread going to work on Monday, why? This article explores the topic and gives secrets on how to solve the issue.
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